Version History

1.0: Original Version

1.01, 1.02, 1.03: Bug fixes

2.0: Send Fax Capability

2.01, 2.02: Bug fixes

2.5: WinNT Support

2.6: MAPI Support for compatibility with other email programs 

2.61, 2.62: Bug Fixes

2.63: "Purchase on the Web", Guided MAPI mail selection, Y2K fix.

3.0A: Receive, Print, Fax to Email, Email to Fax, Auto Print, Windows 2000

3.0B: Bug Fixes

3.5A Multiple print sessions, Runs it Tray, Outlook with NT/2000 fixed, Printing timeout issues on slower systems resolved.

3.5B Fix registration code issues with 30 day extension available

3.6A Pulse Dial option. Wait to connect time can be set. Wait time to retry busy numbers. Fax resolution can be set. 150dpi and 300dpi printing resolution available in Windows 9x systems. Fax page images right shifting fixed, busy's to bottom of the list. Fax send sessions improved handling of transmission problems. Logs are shown with Fax2000 and Fax2000 Inbox themselves. Tech support email available from Fax2000 Inbox. Improved fax receiving and forwarding.

4.0 Server Capable Version, Updated Color Printer Driver: Bug when using in Word is fixed and paper sized up to 11x17 enabled,  B&W Printer available in Win9x/ME. Fax numbers from Outlook address book working, add "Failed" folder for message and fixed bug that made faxes appear to be lost (they were not really lost), support for multiple faxmodems by moving fax2000.ini into the Fax2000 home directory, show MAPI message dialog when no recipients listed. Clear All page images button added. Outgoing mail (SMTP) server is no longer required. Recipient printing cutoff problems minimized. Improved Internet connection detection. Various minor bug fixes.